Public Policy Resources

As the largest association of fundraising leaders and professionals, AFP Washington is on the front lines of protecting a policy and regulatory environment that promotes charitable giving and ethical, effective fundraising.

Interested in laws and regulations that affect your work as a fundraiser?

What You Should Watch:
  • Congress' two tax-writing committees – Senate Finance and House Ways & Means – with jurisdiction over issues like charitable deduction limits and the IRA charitable rollover
  • The IRS Tax Exempt/ Government Entities Division that provides tax determinations and rulings on charitable giving
  • Judicial rulings that define donor intent
  • Washington State Charity Advisory Council, which helps keep the Secretary of State informed about the nonprofit sector
  • State legislative action on issues such as the management of endowment funds or a nonprofit exemption from the event resale tax
Ideas about where to learn more:


Do fundraisers have a role in advocacy?

Good policy, like good philanthropy, happens when its architects are informed, thoughtful and can see the potential consequences of their action.

Much like a fundraiser helps a donor, an advocate helps a policymaker create policy that achieves a desired outcome – like clean water or better support for victims of child abuse. We are already skilled advocates, bringing forward the information and inspiration that assist good decisions.

In matters of policy that directly impact our ability to raise charitable dollars, fundraisers have important stories to tell to help decision makers understand what is really at stake. When it comes to issue advocacy, fundraisers have one of the most essential skills their organizations' leaders need to succeed artful, authentic relationship management.

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